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Convention on Climate Change & Water

Convention on Climate Change and Water C3W 2014 (26-28 September, 2014) is therefore a three days event constituting of Climate forum, Water forum and Sustainability adaptation forum on three respective days.

Climate change and water crisis are one of the most important environmental, social and economic issues facing the world today. Despite growing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, some impacts such as higher temperatures, more intense floods, droughts, wildfires, rising sea levels and scarcity of safe water are now inevitable. We must plan for and adapt to these changes, to minimize the negative impacts and enhance the benefits to natural systems, societies, and human activities and well-being. This challenges decision making at all levels, from individuals to governments, as well as in business and industry.

Convention of climate change and water crisis is a Brain child of two great visionaries Mr. Sunil Sharma and Dr. Sudhanshu with a vision to transform Suresh Gyan Vihar University as a platform to contribute for the cause of climate and water and mobilize its intellect, human resource and most important student pool for the cause. We are a working group of professionals driving various student and youth movements focused on climate and water issues. All campaign, program and efforts planned under our movement, are meant to find practical solution for sustainable future. The campaigns and programs run, are focused on sensitizing communities and people for climate and water issues, educating them over “how bad our little actions everyday is affecting climate and destroying resources like water”, further awareness programs are directed to inculcate the attitude of preservence in young generation and enhancing the sensitivity towards nature and natural resources. Further we wish to contribute towards the issues by way of scientific conventions, workshops and seminars.

Therefore we work in two modes: throughout year actions are focused on running awareness campaign and in September-October summation of all efforts along with scientific deliberations and advances at annual Convention of Climate Change and Water (C3W) at Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur.



Missions of C3W


What are our speciality

To foster local, national, and international conversations to create a unified voice that will guide and influence people, institutions, and governments on how to best address the issues of climate change, water crisis and sustainability.


C3W initiatives Date / Day Venue Purpose Expected footfall
 Green Walk with the theme “Drive Less and Green walk.” Launch of Water harvesting project in collaboration with JDA  25THJANUARY 2014    The walk shall be organized to spread the message “Drive Less and Green walk.” Research shows being regularly active throughout life is one of the best ways to improve and protect heart health. Walking a mile to do simple household jobs is not only a great tonic for the body but also the mind. Every time you leave your car at home you reduce air pollution, lower greenhouse gas emissions, improve your health and save money.  1000 students
 Launch of Water harvesting project in collaboration with JDA  It is an year long activity  Initially in Jagatpura The focus of the activity shall be to educate and motivate people for conservation and utilization of water though construction of
water harvesting structures in residential localities. A technical help and support shall also be provided to people. 
 Working group shall be SGVU community club with Civil Engineering students
 Environmental Documentary/ Photography Competition 28thFebruary
2014 World Forestry Day
 SGVU campus  World Forestry Day promotes awareness of the value of forests across the globe by providing information on the protection, production and recreation of forests.  1000 students and professionals
 Ode To Trees Campaign on Save Water: If We All Do A Little We Can Do A Lot  22nd March 2014 World Water Day  On line submission of entries/  Declaration of results on line on World Water day, Felicitation of students At C3W 2014  Save Water: If We All Do A Little We Can Do A Lot Result of “innovating and reinventing traditional knowledge of  water conservation “ carried in 100 schools initiating from January shall be declared on world water day. Models, projects or schemes of 25 students shall be awarded on the basis of judgment by a renowned jury. Result of a slogan competition shall be declared and 25 school students shall be awarded on the basis of judgment by a renowned jury and the slogans shall be published in news paper who shall be our media partner.  Participation of 5000 students from all over the state 
 A One day workshop on Uttarakhand disaster- Himalayan Tsunami Watching the weather for protecting life & propertyLesson learnt  23rd March 2014 – World Meteorological Day  Main Auditorium, SGVU campus  The day will be conducted with theme of Watching the weather for protecting life & property And A One day workshop on Uttarakhand disaster- Himalayan Tsunami “Watching the weather for protecting life & property- the Lesson learnt”  500 professional students
 Program Green ways to life and health  7th April 2014 – World Health Day  Main Auditorium, SGVU campus  A talk show on green drugs & optimized use of drugs + live conferencing of Doctors & nutritionists from U.K. with Indian Doctors + Health Check up camp  500 professional students
 Program Incredible India  18thApril 2014 – World Heritage Day  The site to be proposed Hunt for unlooked after spots in Jaipur and then do something for them Conduction of on e day event on the spot and promoting it on
social media to encourage people visiting that and drawing attention of authorities to rejuvenate and renovate it. 
 500 professional students from architecture, designing etc
 Enviorathon  22nd April 2014- Earth Day    Join the race to make the earth a better place  10,000 people


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Previous C3W Reports

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Completed Events

  • Green Walk with the theme “Drive Less and Green walk.” Launch of Water harvesting project in collaboration with JDA
  • Environmental Documentary/ Photography Competition
  • Ode To Trees Campaign on Save Water: If We All Do A Little We Can Do A Lot
  • A One day workshop on Uttarakhand disaster- Himalayan Tsunami Watching the weather for protecting life & property lesson learnt
  • Program Green ways to life and health – 7th April 2014 – World Health Day
  • Program Incredible India – 18th April 2014 – World Heritage Day
  • Enviorathon – 22nd April 2014- Earth Day

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